English Language & Professional Development Centre (ELPD Centre)

ELPD Centre is an education institute. The main target of the education institute is to give the ability for the students of speaking, writing and improving their English language skills while sharpening their personalities. And also support them to successfully achieve the hurdles of school examinations conducted by Sri Lankan education department. Therefore context of ELPD’s can be briefly identified as below.

⦁ English Classes for Kids – From Grade 02 to 05.
⦁ English Classes for Young learners – From grade 06 to 09.

⦁ English classes for Ordinary levels – Grade 10 to 11.
⦁ Additional Spoken English classes.
⦁ Online classes.

⦁ English classes for Ordinary levels – Grade 10 to 11
⦁ Additional Spoken English classes
⦁ Online classes

And also we do have classes for students after Advance Level, Undergraduates, Graduates, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Based on the following skill improvement programs.
⦁ English writing & Business writing.
⦁ Spoken English (Formal & Informal)
⦁ English grammar building.
⦁ Professional development workshops.

*Additional personality development programs for all the levels.

Our branches are now available at “Pannipitiya, Kottawa and Arewwala”
Premium online classes are also available