COMO SL Consultancy

COMO SL Consultancy has originated based on the purpose of improving “Human Resource Management” of Sri Lankan manufacturing and service organizations. From the small scale entrepreneurs to larger scale business organizations in Sri Lanka.

Under our consultancy and awareness programs, we have been able to provide our services to below ventures in Sri Lanka.

⦁ UBM Services (Pvt) Ltd ⦁ 
⦁ Floreeda International (Pvt) Ltd ⦁ 
⦁ ⦁ 
⦁ Marvel Trading Lanka ⦁ 

Services Include
Ultimate Leader Program

The program is more suitable for the ones who are willing to improve the leadership skills and professional skills of their employees

Team Builder Workshop

Workshop is totally based on practical applications on how to improve the productiveness of your team while improving the value of your production

Entrepreneurial All-Rounder Program

Mainly focusing on the small scale business and fresh startups to aid them with their future journey with our experience and knowledge

English for Cooperation

Corporate English language training for those who want to improve within short time period. (Online Training)