Are you ready to learn English?

Online English Learning Video Platform Designed for Sri Lankans

Access to resources

24*7 access to the video resources and study materials. And watch as many times as you want.

Like-mind Community

Exclusive online forum to connect with other students and teachers. Ask questions or share knowledge.

Self-evaluation worksheets

Self-evaluation worksheets to see your progress on the lessons. Given at the end of each lession.

Course Modules

Learning all 3 modules are essential and very important. If you miss a single lesson you might lose a significant knowledge to improve yourself.

Parts of Speech

This module will cover all the basics of the English language. Start from this if you are new to the COMO SL platform.

Structures of Writing

The second module of the series. This module will cover the structures of writing.

Tenses and Important Grammer Components

The last module which contains all the details about Tenses and grammar components.

Student Testimonials

Hear what our students have to say about their experience at COMO SL

What is COMO SL Consultancy


Mr. W. D Sampath Udayanga is the founder and CEO of COMO SL Consultancy. As well as the Sole proprietor of ELPD (English Language and Professional Development). He has gained his Academic knowledge and research experience from both Anglia Ruskin University – UK and Robert Gordon University – UK.

He is currently engaged in “Corporate human resource training & development”. As well as an English instructor.

Using his valuable experience in teaching and lecturing English as a secondary language for nonnative speakers, “English language for all” online learning platform was launched.

W.D Sampath Udayanga
Proprietor (EL&PD Centre)